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As a contemporary European bistro, Bistro Saveur takes design reference from traditional French bistros but with a refreshing modern twist.  Distinctive bistro design elements include a decorative zinc bar top, patterned floor tiles with antique brass inlay and plaster walls.

These more decorative elements work well to balance the clean geometry of the blackened steel display shelving and texture of the walnut wood planking.

The display shelving helps bring forward the offerings provided in the bistro while also helping to give the space further personality.  Wine and champagne bottles become a prominent feature on the shelves along with decorative tea canisters and fresh plants and flowers.  To highlight these items and add further warmth and sparkle to the storefront, light fixtures are hung to dance playfully throughout the shelving unit.

An unexpected pop of teal is also woven throughout the space as an accent color on the bar front as well as the upholstery on the banquettes.  This color is further brought forward through the menu, signage and dishware.  Teal coffee and tea cups help splash the white marble table tops with an added hint of this color.

The furniture also takes queues from classic bistro design but again updated to feel current.  We’ve taken the traditional caned seat detail and added it to the back of the barstools.  The dining chairs have traditional turned legs but with a clean modern shape.  And the banquettes become a decorative ribbon that wraps the space with highly tufted upholstery contained within a clean walnut top cap and base.

The wood beam ceiling feature with cove lighting helps accentuate the curved plaster ceiling between the beams while washing the whole space in a warm glow.


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