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Brooklyn Cider House

is it legal to buy prednisone online Concept Description:

can you get Lurasidone over the counter The passion for all things Cider is evident the moment you walk up to Brooklyn Cider House. Housed in a converted warehouse, the interior of the building is not the only thing that has been transformed. Large custom ‘apple’ themed murals wrap the building breathing new life onto the sidewalks and hinting at what you’ll find inside. Acting as a bar, lounge, restaurant and cider storage and bottling facility the interiors had to strike the right balance of both functionality and comfortable restaurant for guests. To do this the bones of the building have been left exposed but the expansive space has been broken up into smaller more comfortable areas for guests to enjoy. The introduction of reclaimed materials and vintage inspired furniture helps to ground and warm up the space. CMU walls have been given new life with custom wall murals from local street artists, concrete floors have been left raw and the corrugated ceiling painted black to act as a backdrop for the suspended barn trusses that give the large space some scale and warmth. The beacon in the main space is the cider bar. A large blackened steel back bar cabinet houses a collection of vintage cider bottles, 12 custom apple tree branch cider draught pulls and peek-through views to the large casks behind the bar in the tasting room. This front bar area also offers guests a range of seating options. Reclaimed wood communal tables for groups, bar height tables for smaller gatherings and a cozy lounge area for a slightly more intimate experience. Just past the bar is the tasting area. This space allows guest to try three different ciders offered from Brooklyn Cider House in the traditional Basque style of ‘throwing cider’ from the casks. The restaurant space is tucked away in the back of the warehouse space to give it a more intimate feel. Since the menu is focused on shared plates, large picnic style tables and banquettes where tables can be grouped together for any size group was important. Leather upholstery and red brick walls act as a backdrop for large scale photographs of the Twin Star Farm and orchard, paying homage to the birthplace for the concept.


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