Nanzhou Fairfield Inn Prototype

http://preferredmode.com/tag/bike-style/ New Design Direction:

The sophisticated design direction for the revamping of Fairfield Inn & Suites will have a fresh and contemporary feel. The straightforward design emphasizes timeless natural materials and warm touches. The brand will carefully choreograph uplifting patterns and color in the scheme yet still warm and comfortable. The new perspective of Fairfield is inviting to its lodger, the momentum seeker. It will grant a reliable sense of calmness to the transient guest, who often finds travel to be draining.

The main concept is to provide peace of mind so patrons can be productive and balanced throughout their stay. There is an emphasis on the high value of furtherance to help keep guests on track both mentally and physically. The reconditioning of the properties will offer multifunctional spaces with varied seating options. Structured and seamless fixturing provides a sense of reliability and cozy comfort. Bare, innate materials create an environment of warmth that will make guests feel at home.

When you think about the motif which is being developed for the newly renovated hotel properties, picture a misty morning. Fairfield Inn & Suites holds sentiment behind its name. Located in the foothills of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, you will find Fairfield Farm which was established in 1950. This is an impactful reason Misty Morning has a modern evolution of heritage origins.

The farm is a lasting memory in the mind of J.W. Marriott, as it always reminded him of the western ranches from his childhood. There is a definite focus on an indoor/outdoor connection incorporated into the concept as well as a deliverance of natural light. The décor is comfortable and uplifting and will implement organic materials to create a light & airy ambience.


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