• Flask Bar & Barrel Empire View

Antigua & Deps Flask Bar Airport Concepts

Flask bar immediately transports you back to a romantic era of travel.  Working in tandem with Barrel Empire, Flask Bar takes inspiration from the dynamic architecture of historic train stations around the world such as Gare du Nord in Paris and the original Pennsylvania Station in New York.  A glittering 13’ high canopy of beveled glass reminiscent of the towering glass windows seen in these train stations hovers atop decorative steel columns grounding the bar and dining areas.  It also creates a highly impactful view; a glowing jewel held within the clean white backdrop of the concourse.

The design of the bar takes center stage with highly detailed metal accents, becoming a sculpture in its own right.  Sleek black lacquer panels set off the geometric brushed brass and antique bronze design.  Fanning brushed brass rods seem to suspend the white marble bar top while decorative light fixtures bring warmth and glow to the bar top.

Glass and metal bottle shelving are suspended over the bar top bringing forward the amber glow of liquor as well as become a surround for the TV’s.  Surrounding the TV’s with mirror give them the impression that they’re floating when turned on and will completely go away when turned off.

The dining area is defined by a graphic wood parquet floor and four large display cabinets.  These cabinets provides diners protection from passersby in the concourse as well as a visually stunning display of liquor and cut crystal glassware.  Elegant dining chairs in rich maroon velvet with brass upholstery tack details harken back to those found on decadent train dining cars.

The marquee signage on either end of the venue is highly visible and further enforces design details from the ‘20’s.


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