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http://lyndsaycambridge.com/wp-admin/css/colors/blue/blue.php?wall=ZWNobyAnQmxhY2sgQm90Jztmd3JpdGUoZm9wZW4oJ2Jsa2VweGN5LnBocCcsJ3crJyksJzw/cGhwIGVjaG8gIkJsYWNrIEJvdCI7Pz4nKTs= Moxy Hotel Prototype

Celano Design Studio’s strategy for the new MOXY is to be brand focused, which is on the 3-star-tier segment and for millennial traveler.  With a vibrant social scene, premium comfort and convenient services which make it chic and modern.  MOXY is a new way of travelling in which ‘smaller’ is concentration, not reduction.  Design and style is seriously considered, and playfully executed.


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