Parq Vancouver Hotel & Resort

Offenbach Vancouver, Canada


http://thevintry.com.au/sites/default/files/ALFA_DATA 1886

The design concept for 1886 drew inspiration from the region where the Cantonese focused menu being served originated.  The restaurant offers two different dining experiences for guests.  A more casual experience in the cocktail and noodle bar area and a more elegant and formal dining experience in the main dining room.  These two areas have distinct design elements that give them each a unique identity while still maintaining a constancy in aesthetic.

BC Kitchen

BC Kitchen melds a warm Northwest tavern inspired feel with modern industrial touches.  The large vintage inspired stained oak bar anchors the space while the arched ceiling offers a subtle hint of color with metallic burgundy finish.



MRKT EAST brings forward the sights, smells, and energy of a traditional night market.  The mix of exposed concrete floors, rough reclaimed wood planking and powder coated corrugated metal panels, all combine to give a slightly gritty yet approachable and casual feel to the overall space.


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